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Itsockstobeme.com was born of a comment I made on one of my blogs about my friend Murphy and how "It sux to be me". At the time I was posting a series of satirical blogs about socks and my thoughts on a lack of international socks week to be held annually in memorium of all lost socks.

One of my good friends and early subscribers, Doc Merrkin, together with his brother from another mother and cohoot in crime, Rick, commented back and replied to me with a statement,

"No May, it SOCKS to be you".

MayetSo it stuck. It socks to be me. You can read the original sockblogs at itsockstobeme.com's Crossroad Inn under the socks category.

My blogs have something for everyone. The world from my whacky eccentric view. A straight up world from down under and a multi faceted view of that world.


mayet I love making people smile and I love writing pieces that the reader will take away in their mind and really ponder on, long after they have closed off the web page.

I hope you will enjoy the time you spend on site here and everyone is welcome to post comments and interact.

You will find a wide and varied range of subject material from light hearted sendups to serious issues and causes and then from poetry to short stories of melancholy memories.

I feel I was given a gift of Logos, the word and I have been gven the ability to be able to share that gift with others. I am unconventional and free spirited and my view on life is open and curious. I love to explore and to delve deeply.

My world evolves and changes, grows and expands and that is reflected in my work which is an extention of my self. It encompasses all and as with me, cannot easily be defined

>Spend some time viewing a stunningly rugged land.
Click here to find interesting, informative, educational and often hilarious articles on Australia's unique flora, fauna and fuckwits.

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iiiInside the Photogallery you will find various albums of interest. Many of the albums contain Australiana, with some breathtakingly beautiful photo's taken at some stunning down under spots. Other albums include photo's of my family and children and albums containing my various works.

The Photogallery is constantly being updated check back to update on my adventures. Comments are welcome.

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